Can't locate these modules:

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I'm having on some module load on my newly installed server
Can't locate these modules:
char-major-10-134: 5 Time(s)
sound-service-0-3: 4 Time(s)
sound-slot-0: 4 Time(s)
According to the Devices.txt
the 1st was Advance Power Management, 2nd was Sound DPS and the 3rd I'm
not sure.

I've asked and get these on the chat room, And Webdragon say that there
is a bugzilla for that and I can't seem to find it.

My Question is, How may I remove all these error message.

FYI, I'm running a Server so didn't have any sound cards and my
modules.conf didn't alias any sound cards as well...

Thank You
Chan Min Wai

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