Re: Possible bug in redhat-config-network with wireless

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On Sun, 2003-04-13 at 03:35, Keith Winston wrote:
> Dennis Gilmore wrote:
> > by default redhat-config-network saves wireless keys as strings unlike 8.0  
> > which used hex as default you need to add 0x before your key to tell it that 
> > its a hex key   
> Maybe you missed this from my first post:
> If I enter 0xFFFF-FFFF-FF [2], it still converts it to a string of 
> 's:0xFFFF-FFFF-FF [2]'.
> Entering 0x doesn't help if need to specify the key with [N].  No matter 
> how you enter it, with single or double quotes, spaces or no spaces, if 
> there is a bracket in it, it converts it to a string.
> Best Regards,
> Keith
That change came from this report.  I think he misunderstood the
request, I should have communicated more clearly earlier.

Warren Togami

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