Re: Shrilke discs 4-6 ??

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On 12 Apr 2003 10:19:36 -0400, Joe Klemmer wrote
> On Fri, 2003-04-11 at 10:26, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> > > "Holy Crap Ma... This here Red Hat thang now 9 CD's big"
> > 
> > and, by the way, there's still a noticeable omission of
> > a docs.iso.  or has that changed with RH 9?
> 	There are three docs iso's in 9.
> {blah, blah}/redhat/linux/9/en/iso/shrike-docs-APAC.iso
>                                    shrike-docs-EMEA.iso
>                                    shrike-docs-US.iso

I wonder why these are not available at

Red Hat Linux 9 i386
  	ISO 	Size 	MD5 Checksum
  	Binary Disc 1 	638M   400c7fb292c73b793fb722532abd09ad
  	Binary Disc 2 	646M   6b8ba42f56b397d536826c78c9679c0a
  	Binary Disc 3 	485M   af38ac4316ba20df2dec5f990913396d
  	Source Disc 1 	608M   0727c51ab359dafa9ab31e0c50958aa6
  	Source Disc 2 	645M   2ddd8e6a8502869cd2e78d47590b9be1
  	Source Disc 3 	424M   f378cf68b22c3b9a64c86b5067511630 

It would be nice if those that pay would have priority access to the doco iso
and any rescue CD.

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