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Rick - 

Can I ask you for the BitTorrent URL you used to grab the docs/rescue cds.

Thanks in advance
Michael Weiner
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When I did my BitTorrent download (docs and rescue), a "rescue" ISO was
provided when I downloaded the docs ISO. It's about 65MB, which
unfortunately makes it larger than the 55MB limit of the business card
CD's I have access to, but it would still fit on a 110MB MiniCD had I
been able to find one.

Just for grins, I just burned it to a rewritable and tested it. It's
basically like booting off disc 1 using "linux rescue", however you
don't get the extra load of having a disc full of RPM's.

Looking through it's tree, it apears to be similar to boot.iso (while
using different startup screens) while additionally including the
README's and RedHat/base/stage2.img. The startup screen specifically
said Rescue, however this could be used to launch a kickstart or other
type of network install as there was an option to launch into "install"
mode as well (by passing just "linux" to the boot propmt (viewing
isolinux.cfg confirmed this suspicion).

That is odd that it hasn't appeared on the main FTP site. It is my
understanding that this is (or was to be) a part of the boxed set
(Professional?). Did RHN users get this iso as well?


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