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M A Young wrote:
On Thu, 10 Apr 2003, Danial Howard wrote:

I accidently upgraded the kernel package (rpm -Fvh *.rpm in a
directory containing a newer kernel package). Now all my previous
kernels are gone. The kernel that is installed now is an i386 kernel,
not an i686 kernel like prefer.

I can't remove the kernel package (can I?) and install the correct
one. What's the safest and best way to install the latest i686 kernel.
Should I use the force, replacepkgs, replacefiles options or a
combination of them?

I suggest none of them. The safest way is to install (rpm -ivh) a
different kernel (such as an old kernel or an smp kernel), reboot to this
kernel, and then uninstall (rpm -e) the wrong kernel and install the
right one.

Michael Young

Thanks for this idea, Michael. I decided this would be the safest way to go. At the point where I remove the wrong kernel, rpm gave me an error about breaking a dependency. So I used "rpm -ivh --force kernel*i686.rpm" to get the right kernel install over the wrong kernel (i386). Then I rebooted off the right kernel and removed the smp kernel.

Thanks to everyone for their ideas.


Danial M. Howard--howadani(at)
IT Systems Programmer, Computing and Communications
Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho, USA

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