Re: Bugfix errata?

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On Mi, 2003-04-09 at 23:44, David Krider wrote:
> Well, I, too, am sure that they will be fixing the really nasty ones, 
> but what about the stuff like the gkrellm thing I posted about? What 
> about Konqueror thing I posted about?
They will probably NOT be fixed ( and I agree with this ). Red Hat's
focus is the enterprise. Also, developers paid by Red Hat to work on
GTK, GNOME are doing important new development, not fixing bugs after
the final release have been shipped. If you prefer more bug fixing on UI
from your distro after the release try Mandrake or Suse ( which work on
KDE more ).

So, I'd rather see D-BUS working rather than nautilus bug fixing.

>  Maybe I'm the only one who's 
> seeing a lot of little niggling things in this distro
get the first beta and report them. For minor things, reporting upstream
( to that application's bug tracking system, not Red Hat ) usually works
faster. Clear bug reports work faster. Patches even faster ;) All of
these will help making a great final release. After that, it's not
important anymore.

> strategy. Marius suggests that I need to be looking in the Rawhide for 
> these sorts of things
there you'll find new packages if the bug has been fixed at Red Hat,
otherwise not.

Marius Andreiana
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