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It seems like the "free" Red Hat releases will always be on the
"bleeding edge" side of things.
The real stable Red Hat distribution is their commercial version, the
one you pay money for (Red Hat Enterprise Linux).

Apparently, it works like this:
- The betas and Rawhide are a testing ground for the "stable" free
- The free distribution is a testing ground for the commercial version
- The commercial version is the real stable, rock-solid one

For example, if you go to this page:

...then Red Hat 9 is defined as a "community product", "for SOHO users,
independent professionals, students, and hobbyists".

So, the "bleeding edgyness" of RH9 is intentional, as it is with its 6
months release cycle. It's a way to get rid of all bugs before porting
its technology to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Short answer: if you're looking for a _free_ Linux distribution for your
critical servers, then perhaps Red Hat is not for you.

On Wed, 2003-04-09 at 10:34, David Krider wrote:
> It seems to me as I gaze over the headers on this list that I'm hardly 
> the only one who's running into various bits of trouble getting things 
> to work as expected. One of the things I appreciate over Red Hat (versus 
> a recently-tried Debian Woody) is that they *are* trying to do some 
> serious integration of the various, disparate parts that make up their 
> distro. I think that's great. On the other hand, being on the bleeding 
> edge is starting to grate on my nerves. I want to know if problems that 
> are cropping up in RHL9 will be dealt with through bugfix erratas, or if 
> we'll have to wait until the next release. I mean, with Red Hat's 
> shortened cycle (ok, they usually did releases every six months, but now 
> it's official), do they even have time to fool around with such things? 
> The next beta is going to have to start in just a couple months. Then, 
> according to their announced intentions, they'll ship another 
> bleeding-edge release, and then...
> Thanks and regards,
> dk
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