Re: pcmcia problems with shrike on sony vaio r505tl

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On Sat, 5 Apr 2003, Gordon Messmer wrote:

> Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> > 
> > ok, there is an obvious flaw there as you point out -- modprobe does
> > not work with the filenames themselves that end with .o, only the
> > module name, as in "modprobe ds", as you so astutely observed.
> > argh.  that's sure *seems* to be a bug.
> It's not.  The script is testing for the old 2.2 directory structure. 
> If found, it's trying to load the modules with the .o, which was needed 
> when working with modutils for Linux 2.2.

ok, i'd forgotten that.
> > however, building a new kernel and doing "make modules_install"
> > not only creates a new /lib/modules directory, but also creates
> > within it a $PC directory with nothing but symlinks to the 
> > actual module files under $KD.
> That's odd.  Wonder why it would do that?

not sure, but as long as it insists on doing that, new
kernels aren't going to have PCMCIA support from what i can see,
since that top-level "pcmcia" directory is going to fake out
the PCMCIA startup script, isn't it?


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