Re: How to check *CDROM* correctness?

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Use MD5SUM on the /dev/cdrom device.
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From: "M. Fioretti" <m.fioretti@xxxxxxxxx>

> Many thanks to Peng and Philip for their extraquick answer, but I
> didn't make myself clear. I am looking for a *generic* way to verify
> on *linux* if a generic CD I got, already burned, matches the ISO
> checksum which I found online. I have a linux only box, and I need to
> do this in general even with CDs found on magazines, or coming, by
> third or fourth hand, maybe after weeks, by friends of friends of....
> The arrival of Shrike was just the prompt to ask it, but in general I
> cannot tell to somebody "check it on windows for me"
> So, how can I do it myself?

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