Re: pcmcia problems with shrike on sony vaio r505tl

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On 4 Apr 2003, Joshua Legbandt wrote:

> My apologies, look for this section:
>             if [ -d $PC ] ; then
>                 echo -n " modules"
>                 /sbin/modprobe pcmcia_core.o $CORE_OPTS
>                 /sbin/modprobe $PCIC.o $PCIC_OPTS
>                 /sbin/modprobe ds.o
>             elif [ -d $KD ] ; then
>                 /sbin/modprobe pcmcia_core
>                 /sbin/modprobe $PCIC
>                 /sbin/modprobe ds
>             else
>                 echo $" module directory $PC not found."
>                 break
>             fi
> and remove the '.o' from the top section (I think, I added the .o back
> in), I should have said pcmcia_core, $PCIC and ds...

yup, that did it, i'm up and running under the new kernel.
the ".o"s are definitely evil.  would you like to file the bugzilla
or shall i?


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