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On Thu, 2003-08-21 at 21:41, ravinder wrote:
> Sir,
> i am new to linux ,i'm using redhat 8 system.
> Can you people please help me in getting to know things i need to do
> configuring the Squirrel mail server on my linux machine.
> i am having problems with apache,domainname,DNS,etc,etc.
> As i am new to this area.i am not able to understand what all i need to
> do to configure it as squirrel mail,regarding apache
> configurations,modifications
> we have a DNS server available ,Can i use the DNS Server,or do i need to
> configure DNS on my system,
> regarding sendmail also.
> it would be very kind of you,if you throw some light in this context,
> thanking in advance,
> ravinder
All sorts of help here...

This is open source - the deal is that you make the effort and if you
have a specific question that you have already tried to figure out, you
tell us what the problem, what you have done to remedy the problem and
we'll help you


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