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Am Mon, 2003-07-28 um 09.09 schrieb Suresh Babu A. [IT Engineer]:
> I am having a 40 GB hardisk and 256 MB RAM, in which i have already
> installted windows 2000 pro and i want to have linux. I have tried to
> install linux and i struck up while partition the disk [ /, /swap and so
> on]. Can any one suggest how to partition the remainning 17 GB for linux.

17 gb is a lot of space. A good idea might be:

Pri 50 mb for /boot  (dev/hda2)
Pri 300 mb for swap  (dev/hda3)
Pri 16,65 gb  for Linux LVM (Logical Volume Manager)

inside the Logical Volume 

/Vol/rhl  about 4 gb for /
/Vol/home  about 8 gb for home

You may leave the remaining 4 gb free and allocate it later according to
your needs, e.g. you may make a temporary /Vol/test for a second / to
test a new version or a beta (being able to access your data in /home
from both systems) or allocate it for databases (/var/lib/pgl) or /var
or anything else. Or you may adjust /home  or / later if you need more
or less space, which depents of your concrete working requirements.

During installation RedHat may complain about /boot with a warning, it
will be not bootable. If you own a quite recent hardware, you can ignore
it savely. 

Grub boot manager will savely detect your windows partition and add it
to its menu. So, you can allow to modify the mbr (or you modify the
windows boot mechanism, but I don't know how to do  :-)  )


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