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>>> redhat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 7/21/2003 1:12:04 AM >>>
Hi all,

I have noticed that no matter how many times I reset the 
date and time on my RH8 server, it keeps falling out of
synch, and jumps ahead by about 1 hour. It looks like it
has something to do with the time zone, but during the 
installation I made sure to choose the correct country and 

1) How do I configure my RH8 machine to synch itself
    according to an atomic clock on the WWW? 

>>  This is in my crontab:
>>  15 00 * * 0     /usr/bin/rdate -s
>>  where '' is the 'master' time server in my shop. It's my
backup server, so I want to make sure the backups show the right dates.
>>  If you google for time servers, the Navy runs one out there
somewhere off an atomic clock, and you can use it.
>>  Cheers!
>> -dd

2) How do you change the time zone on a Linux server
    (AFTER the installation)

Thanks, Jason

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