onboard NIC not recognized on install by Psyche

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Have a curious problem. I have been messing around with a future DMZ box and have found that RH8 refuses to recognize the onboard NIC. Slackware 9 sees it perfectly as a SiS900 based card. Neither kudzu nor a manual attempt will bring it to life. I have tried the usual turning off of acpi/pnp aware settings in the BIOS as well as setting the pci=noacpi switch in the bootloader to no avail.

I am just about to stick a Gentoo LiveCD in to see how it does. But I really would like to put RH8 on there since that will simplify rsyncing stuff over from my workstation. Any suggestions appreciated.


PS - And yes, I did disable the onboard NIC and tried two real NICs - an SMC and a DLink - but RH8 would not see any of them.

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