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Back to windoze.

1: Re-format ext3 partition in druid, otherwise "custom" auto for desktop
2: This time muggins will report on what he found confusing in anaconda, or pretend to.

-Click in vfat dev screen, in druid, formats. Is told that he has to enter a root sign / when he has to
press "edit", so why not just tell him that?  "Please press edit" also no advice one what the other
squiggles mean. REDHAT sure likes stern warnings.
-warned to create a bootdisk, which is a rescue disk, but no advice that this will be offered after
install and post install config. No such advice given.
 swap file warning, where, how? and any rate it does make a swap file.
- clicked "config bootloader", made it DOS first and L second when GRUB showed up on reboot, got L first
and DOS 2nd. WHY have L 5 seconds autostart ? For a migrant to L, it is sensible to have DOS first.
- default firewall, when in setup agent, you can choose. What do high, medium, MEAN for Linux? no
- username, full name, What does that mean? Me, the dir, a command, disc ? What does "full name" Mean?
in standard English? Usually mine, but that ain't it.
- English first, then UK, and  later on in customises one even gets NZ english, yep is a different
dialectal from UK USA, OZ, India, etc.
-Time finally find. Pacific/auckland. That's not how I think of it Done 3 times anyrate. Standard
choices offered on URLS is "New Zealand" for country.
 Ended up with Greenwich time, and bootup reported an "skew". What does skew mean? I know it in standard
English, but for Linux????
- "Begin install", WHAT? I thought I had begun already. NO warning before that nix will happen to any
click or next until then.
-formats, hear disc rattle, nix shown on progress or done satisfactorily.
?? transfer image to disc. WHAT image?
- Package names rattle by at great speed, and silly labels give no indication of what they do. Gimp =
Graphic image manipulating package, but of the rest, enough said.
- It took to package  296 to get the install time lapse and still to go right.
- VESA VGA? HOW would I know which one too choose? It all assumes an expert, which of course the RHat
advertising hype does not tell one, do it?
- Oh yes, when adding dirs, I first took edit, the "obvious choice, eh" but found I should have used
add, by the usual footputting method. The n found that one had to use "add"; once "added" one could not
"edit"; very addled.

BOOTUP<installed 1556 KB and took just udner an hour, previous was two, why? Previous times it was 1777
What happened

-after getting the text mode, when I asked for Graphical, whereas the correct form is Graphic, Graphical
needs a word following
-Got16 bit colour and 1024 x 768 this round. changed it to 24, SHOULD have 32 bit, 15 and 24 is not very
hot for GIMP. "Goodness, gracious me"
-VESA generic, mine is VGA, and the setup agent is fill of incomprehensible shorthand.  VESA is CRUDE!
Infrared option in Windoze has six parameters.
At least it got the AOC spectrum right but missed on family and model, which are available in customise,
when one can get at it.
- mentions "no mount points", during bootup: what's that mean?
-- clock "skew" meaning what, does it stand sideways on the mantelpiece?
-- went to HOME and off course, because I woren't in root, nothing worked. ahem

WHY NOT- have some chip, prom, bios etc peekers to make selection in install, and REPORT any
- Have a floppy in the box to write in an install log one can read in DOS to ponder. Instead of burying
it in the back of beyond.
- Why not have a questionnaire to ask muggins what HE wants on the machine. 70% of installed stuff he'll
never use.
-- Why not have something interesting to do instead of that splash screen hype
-- I'd wear out a marking pencil  splotching incomprehensible words in the installation guide. Now
mandrake is MUCH better.
-- The same holds in setup agent, went through it and cancelled most all of it.

AFTER setup and before username?
- 1 green splash about 5 x 7 Inch, two blue small ones with LEFT  RGIRGGS and Right side  GGNHGG, very
informative, so just clicked in the hope,
-2mnd splash screen green and blue, also blank and small box RGGZU, ditto only one of them.
- Also very interesting that when in the popup screens one has to use alt, tab, when one has a mouse
working, also very good!!
then got home @ localhost/home  1$ , also very informative.
What service to autostart NOT A CLUE
test screen got a black screen, nothing else, no report about OK
so ended up with localhost home 1$, reried a few command, failed, because I was in Home and nothing
mounted, well done!
so back to ctl-alt-backspace again, shtdown,

Yeah, I read the help file, install guide and visited many URLS

== Altogether cobbled together by a bunch of volunteers and NO attempt to get consistency or
"continuity" among the parts.

What is obvious to a programmer seldom is to others.

I'll leave it as is, for when friend comes who needs textmode.


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