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Re: New package added to Fedora devel: xrestop - GUI X Resource monitoring tool.

On Tue, 9 Mar 2004, Andre Costa wrote:

>Cool, Mike, well done! Kudos to all involved, seems like a very

All the credit for xrestop should go to the author Matthew 
Allum, as I didn't really do anything other than download it and 
use his spec file as a basis for the Red Hat rpm.   ;o)

Took me about 10 minutes.  ;o)

In hindsight, I should have probably mentioned credit to Matt in
my previous email, as well as a link to the upstream utility


>cool app... any ETA for it to appear among 'stable' Fedora

It's now part of Fedora Core development, so once Fedora Core 2 
is released, I guess we can consider it stable.  ;o)

It should be useable on Fedora Core 1 and FC2test releases in the 
mean time, or can be rebuilt with rpmbuild --rebuild for them.


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