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OT: Ooops!

Hi all!
I just did something so dumb, I just have to share it with people who can comprehend the outrageous, stupefying dumbness of it. ;)
So, I found this PCMCIA flash card in a box of old junk and I decided to see if I could use in my laptop. I stuck it in the slot and started poking around trying to find the device file or some tools that would let me access it. I haven't got it working yet, but I have learned one valuable lesson: don't try to "mke2fs /dev/mem", it does bad things. :)
I think I'll go read the HOW-TO.


Proprietary software is like petrified wood. It used to be alive, but
then it was fixed in time and put in a box. GNU/Linux software, in
contrast, is alive, always changing and improving. I love that it's
more a process than a product.
                       - Pamela Jones, groklaw.net

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