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Re: rebuilding XFree86

On Monday 09 February 2004 17:30, Mike A. Harris wrote:
> Takes 28 minutes to "rpmbuild --rebuild" the src.rpm on my 1.6Ghz
> Athlon 64 3000+, using ccache with a primed cache.  Double that
> for non-primed.

OK, this got me curious so I ran some tests of (re)building XFree86.  In all 
cases, 4.2.0-50 src.rpm was used.  The src.rpm was installed and then
   rpm -ba --clean XFree86.spec
was used to build.  ccache was not used.

dual 933MHz P-III with 900KB ram in four sticks -- 71 minutes

dual athlon 2800+ with 2GB ram (four 512KB sticks) -- 31 minutes

Opteron 140 (1.4GHz) with 2GB ram (two 1GB sticks) -- 64 bit OS -- 43 minutes

Opteron 140 (1.4GHz) with 2GB ram (two 1GB sticks) -- 32 bit OS -- 47 minutes

The memory for AMD systems are all ECC REG memory.

The Opteron 140 has a 128 bit path to memory (when 2 sticks are used) vice a 
64 bit path on the Athlon64 ... even if the memory is the slower DDR2100.

I chose the Opteron 140 as the cheapest 64 bit processor and was not expecting 
big performance.  I have been very impressed (and surprised) with it so far.

Note: during the builds, the runs on the Opteron had the cpu pegged while the 
P-III and dual athlon ran about 90% cpu.

BTW, I believe that the Athlon64 3000+ has a 2.0GHz clock and 512KB L2 cache 
whereas the Opteron 140 has a 1.4GHz clock and 1MB L2 cache.

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