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Re: Requesting experiences with dual-DVI cards

On Wed, 4 Feb 2004, Mike A. Harris wrote:

> I'm not involved in any way with the Red Hat hardware compatibility
> list, or adding or removing data from it.  As far as video is concerned
> though, I am more or less the hardware compatibility list, regardless of
> what any HCL may or may not include.  ;o)

I had already reached that conclusion from my reading of this list's
archives.  :-)  That's why I posted my question here rather than relying
on the HCL - which right now is almost useless for RHEL 3.0.

Anyway, thanks for all the replies.  I'm going to go with two separate
cards (most likely ATI) for our dual-DVI needs.  To provide some closure,
I'll post back (may be a month or two) with my success story.

 - Bill Hamblen

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