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Requesting experiences with dual-DVI cards


I hope this isn't an inappropriate question for the list but I've spent a
lot of time looking for a "safe bet" and haven't found anything.

I'd like to setup a couple of RHEL WS3 workstations with dual flat panels
and shared desktop (xinerama): one with 1600x1200 and 1280x1024 displays
and one with two 1280x1024 displays.  We care not at all about accelerated
3D - we just want nice clean 2D support on these systems.

The hardware compatibility list doesn't list any video controllers at all
for RHEL 3.  In the Desktop/Workstation class the Dell Precision
Workstations are "certified".  The nVidia Quadro4 280 NVS is an option on
that system at a somewhat reasonable cost, though I have not priced the
extra cost dual-DVI cable yet.  Also, my experience with nVidia is that
you really need to use their proprietary driver for anything but the most
basic functionality.  I don't have a particular problem with that as long
as I knew ahead of time that it would work with the RHEL kernel.

Does anybody have success stories to share?  You know, something like "I'm
using this and it worked right out of the box with my two flat panels".  
It's so much easier to find dual-DVI cards that do not function correctly
in linux. :-)  

I'll take negative reports too if that's all you have.  Email off the list 
is fine with me if people don't want to badmouth a vendor in a public 

Thanks in advance for any help,

 - Bill Hamblen

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