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Re: qustion about X rpm package

On Fri, 2 Jan 2004, Jason Kim wrote:

>I just wonder it is possible to build X binary packages for another
>distribution(like suse, mandrake...) by modifying spec file. 

That depends on what one would consider the boundary between the 
definition of "modifying" and the definition of "rewriting".  
XFree86 packaging, requirements, installation, subpackage layout, 
dependancies, etc. vary greatly from distribution to 
distribution, and so it is more or less impossible to have one 
single XFree86 rpm package that will compile and work on all 
RPM based Linux distributions out there.

It wouldn't be totally impossible mind you, but the end result 
would be something that tried to be everything to all people, and 
would end up not fitting in well with any distribution at all.

>When I tried this without any modification in spec file, I got some
>dependency problems.  So I'm rebuilding the packages with some
>modification, but not sure it will work. (might not work..)
>Does anyone have any ideas?  

The amount of effort required would be great, especially so if 
any quality results were to be expected.  I've tried to make the 
spec file configureable in many ways that are likely to help out 
should one try to do it, however conditionalization of all of the 
various bits that are distribution specific configuration or 
similar choices, throughout the nested mix of options presently 
there would be an exercise in futility IMHO.

In the future however, XFree86 packaging will be split up into 
multiple source rpms, each spitting out their own binary rpms.  
That will make things much simpler, and at least in theory, would 
make it much easier to use rpms on other distributions with less 
problems.  Likewise, tweaking what's left, in distribution 
specific ways would be much simpler, due to the lack of huge 
monolithic mess that XFree86 currently manifests itself as.

In short....  Good luck!  ;o)

Mike A. Harris

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