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Re: Running two X servers on one computer

Thanks for the reply; I did some more research and found out basically the same thing. Even with the 2.6 kernel it won't work without all kinds of ridiculous gymnastics. I wonder why they left this out? Virtually every other UNIX-type OS I've ever worked with can do this, certainly with varying levels of diffculty, but it's certainly not "completely impossible", which is what I'm finding out about XFree86. Oh, well. I'll just have to get another coumputer. :)



Mike A. Harris wrote:

On Sat, 20 Dec 2003, Tim Currie wrote:

I have an ATI FireGL X1 in my computer. I'd like to set up a
second X server, with a separate keyboard and mouse (actually, I
plan to use a KVM switch, but you get the point). The reason I
want to do this is so that I can run "Return to Castle
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" on one X server, and ssh to the
game host on a nearby (but not nearby enough)  computer via the
second X server (plus read my email, etc.).  CTRL-ALT-F<1..5>
causes the X server to get all pissed off at me, so that's not
an option.

I think I can figure out getting a second X server running, but
the mystery is this: first, how do I get the computer to realize
that it has two USB keyboard and two USB mice, and second, how
do I bind one set of input devices to each X server? I know this
is possible, but I have no idea where to begin.

The short answer, is that this is not possible currently. The 2.6.x kernel has the kernel side support to do things like this, but I've no idea if anything is missing or not, and haven't heard of anyone who has gotten it to work.

Other than that, someone made a very ugly hack a few years ago for specific video hardware (obviously not FireGL X1), which involved modifying the X server and/or video driver source code, and also the kernel, and made a hodge-podge hack solution that worked for them. If you're using the FireGL X1 for 3D games, then you're using proprietary drivers, and you don't have the source code.

So this is not likely going to work at all, at least for the time

Tim Currie (tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
GPL advocates do not care if GPL'd software can be
made to work in a proprietary business model. It's
not our problem. There's no God-given right for
proprietary software vendors to make money; they
have to compete. And if the rules of the marketplace
suddenly change and make it difficult for them,
well -- tough. Adapt or die. Don't moan. - David Skoll, Roaring Penguin

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