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Re: trouble getting dual head ati 7000 to work

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003, Matt Bazan wrote:

>As I understand it, DRI is not used as I'm using Xinerama..upgraded my
>kernel to 2.4.20-20.9 and at present I have the one monitor working (the
>left one..screen0) and the right one getting no signal..

You use either DRI, or Xinerama, but not both.  DRI+Xinerama is 
not supported in XFree86 currently.

>I'm still tinkering around.  Does anyone know definitively which ati and
>radeon drivers I should be using?  The ones that came with the stock
>RH?  The ones I've downloaded from people.redhat.com/mharris?  Or the
>ones from DRI?  I've tried em all to no avail. 

For Radeon hardware, you should be using the stock Red Hat
supplied out of the box configuration with no 3rd party anything.  
With single headed configuration, using only Red Hat supplied
components, including the kernel, you will have 3D acceleration
by default.  If you modify or remove the kernel, build your own
kernel, or change anything related to DRI, the kernel, Mesa, or
anything else related to 3D, or if you install Nvidia or ATI or
any other 3rd party video drivers, then you will end up unable to
use DRI as supplied with the distribution unless you reinstall
all of the Red Hat supplied XFree86 components.

This is because Nvidia and other driver installations blow away
Red Hat supplied important X server files when you install their
proprietary drivers, and the only way to ever use XFree86 with
the drivers it is shipped with properly again, is to reinstall
the binary rpm packages again to replace the files that were
deleted by the proprietary driver installation.

There is only one other reason why you would not get 3D 
acceleration out of the box on a Radeon card, and that would be 
if it is PCI.  Only Radeon AGP hardware is officially supported.  
Support for DRI 3D acceleration on PCI hardware is disabled in 
the driver by default, and requires the ForcePCIMode option to be 
enabled.  That option is very unstable for the majority of users 
which is why it is disabled by default.

If you're using a stock system which hasn't been modified in any 
way as indicated above, and your video card is AGP, then I've no 
idea why you're not getting 3D, but it is a unique problem if it 
doesn't match what I've said above, because I can assure you that 
3D very much works out of the box on AGP Radeon hardware, 
excluding the 9500 and newer cards, and the IGP series.  ;o)

Mike A. Harris

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