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Re: tweaking desktop.... xvidtune?

Em Qui, 2003-09-04 Ãs 16:43, Desmond Lee escreveu:

> I have a linux box that also runs windows 98. So hereâs the problem,
> if I boot in windows my desktop is configured (by the physical monitor
> settings) to take up as much space on the monitor as possible. Then,
> when I go to linux on the same box (with the same monitor) my desktop
> is slight shifted over to the right such that part of my desktop is
> cut off. 

That's easy: take a look at which mode linux is set (not resolution, but
frequency) and set windows to the same one - several monitors can
display its current frequency. Its preety much easier to set this in
windows :-)


Alexandre Ganso 
500 four vermelha - Diretor Steel Goose Moto Group

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