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XF86 config Problem - Redhat 9



I am yet another Linux newbie on the long and arduous path to salvation from the rancid world of Microsoft and I can’t get my !@#$%^ monitors to work properly. I have just installed the XF86 that comes with Redhat 9. So whatever the version that is, that’s the version I have. However, I have managed to modify the XF86Config file so that a signal is sent to all three monitors but am having a few problems. I do know that the system works fine under Mandrake Linux 9.0 so it may not be an XF86 problem.


I have 3 monitors all using the nvidia driver (1 NVIDIA AGP and 2 TNT pci types). Though the monitors work, the mouse will not traverse the screens Also if I use the xinerama option I get the same image (complete with the active mouse) on all three screens and not one large virtual screen.






Phill O'Flynn


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