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Re: Installing XFree86 4.3 on RHL 7.3

On Sat, 17 May 2003, Mike A. Harris wrote:

> >"Upgrading" to RH 9 is not an option. This is my work machine and I don't
> >need any headaches. Right now the machine is rock solid and I'm going
> >to keep it that way. Backing off X is one thing but changing operating
> >systems is not acceptable and I'm sorry to hear RH is so quick to leave
> >people behind and EOL versions they just put out a year ago. I would
> >just like to use a flat panel I have but the current video doesn't seem
> >up to it so I was hoping improved support for my chip would help.
> Don't even get me started.  You have absolutely no idea 
> whatsoever the amount of engineering resources that are required 
> to support releases for longer periods of time.

Ok, ok, relax, I'm not that sorry. But it is cheezy that RH 7.3 was
released almost exactly a year ago and it's going EOL in December
(19 months).  I'm not going to speculate about your business model. I
don't really care. I'm very happy with your product. I've been using
Linux since 2.0.35 and I'm perfectly comfortable hacking (albeit much
less patient). But would it really be that difficult for you to provide
updates until there's something to replace 7.3? By forcing everyone onto
one bleeding edge version you're putting yourselves and your users in
a potentially bad situation. All I want is stability and I'm going to
get it one way or the other.


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