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Re: Installing XFree86 4.3 on RHL 7.3

On Fri, 16 May 2003, Stuart Swerdloff wrote:

>    Have you considered just downloading the source from XFree86.org,
>building, and installing ?
>    I did that with RH 7.2.
>Just be really careful about blowing away your gnome-session,
>and turning off all of the scalable font stuff (that breaks badly).
>You should be able to find my posting on this stuff a few weeks
>    It isn't the same as doing RPM's, and I suppose backing out might
>not be as easy (if at all possible), but it builds and installs without much

XFree86.org raw sources contain a large amount of bugs which are 
fixed in Red Hat (as well as other distros) packaging, and as 
such using their stock sources means you miss out on the 
important bug fixes that were either not integrated into 4.3.0, 
or came out after 4.3.0.

Using XFree86 sources also destroys your RPM package managment
and dependancy resolution mechanisms, and will also make upgrades
to newer releases of the OS fail due to the different location 
that files are placed in between the RPM packages and the stock 
XFree86.org installation locations.

You'll also likely find that XFree86 supplies libraries which
already are a part of the OS, and may cause conflicts not just
with X, but with various software installed on the system.
Of course, you might also not encounter these types of problems, 
but it'll be luck more than anything.  ;o)

So feel free to install from source, but at least know the 
caveats involved first, and please don't file bug reports in 
bugzilla when you later try to upgrade the OS and X explodes.  


Take care,

Mike A. Harris

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