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Re: RH9, Radeon 9000Pro, some horizontal streaking

On Thu, 2003-05-08 at 09:27, Mike Godfrey wrote:

> My old problem has gone away (since it caused by was a damaged card),
> but my new problem is that I get a little horizontal streaking sometimes
> (eg web pages with solid black background).  This doesn't show up on a
> screen capture.  Naively, I would guess that the refresh rates 

   This may be the same problem I'm seeing on a plain Radeon 9000. Are
you in 24-bit mode? If so, try 16-bit and see if it goes away. Mine

   My noise has a very specific patter. Size a window that cause the
problem so that it's mostly on the left hand side of the screen. Then
resize it and see if the noise doesn't look like the border of that
window, but shifted to the right. That's what mine does.

   Also, On _SOME_ programs, but not all, I found I could create the
same noise by simple placing my mouse above the scroll bar on the right
hand side of a window, assuming it has a scroll bar, and then just
moving my mouse over the top of it. (No clicking, just moving.) This
happens easily for me in KDE with konsole, and also a number of other

   It _seems_ to have something to do with windows being able to update
on the fly, which appears to be the KDE default. In fluxbox I do not get
updating while I'm resizing windows, and I do not see the problem until
I let go of the mouse and the Window updates.

   I'm interested to see if this is similar to your problems. MAybe we
can get more attention with two of us seeing similar things...


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