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Re: Arabic support in RedHat 9

My understanding regarding fonts is that a font face cannot be
copyrighted but the name can be. So it is hard to imagine what
might have been the copyright issue here.
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From: "Bill Nottingham" <notting@xxxxxxxxxx>

> Ossama Khayaat (ossamak@xxxxxxxxxx) said:
> > I wonder why RedHat just resists to add some more Arabic support for
> > it's users.
> > I've asked for this many times, and given the resources for almost
> > everything needed to help proving that it's working fine.
> > I was just checking the package list of RH9 and didn't find any single
> > package name that would tell that Arabic support if added!!!
> > Mandrake has added about 10 or more packages that inlcude the KDE and
> > GNOME interface, and even CLI Arabic Interface with some more excellent
> > fonts!!
> Arabic is supported by the default console font. As for the GUI fonts,
> the fonts that were in the beta had some copyright issues that were
> not resolved in time to allow them to be shipped.
> Bill

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