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Re: 2.6 Kernel and IDE dierect for burners

Felipe Alfaro Solana wrote:
On Sat, 2003-03-29 at 19:08, Audioslave - 7M3 - Live wrote:

Felipe Alfaro Solana wrote:

Well, to compile a 2.5 kernel you only need gcc-2.9x or gcc-3.2.x, make,
Rusty's modutils and nothing else. It seems pretty easy :-)

I have gcc 3.2.1-7 installed. The kernel portion compiles without errors. I did a search for modutils and couldn't find one for the 2.5 kernel. I did grab and install modutils-2.4.24-1 from rusty's directories.


This should work :-) ... at least, I'm using them with no problem.

If the 2.4.24-1 version does not work. I will try the version that you recommended. Regarding installing different versions, instead of upgrading. Is it possible to install several versions and not have them interfere with each other? I've been upgrading, not installing.

I am more interested in the CDR benefits and increased performance within the GUI now. I'll probably need to figure out the modules aspect now.

Well, 2.5 is somewhat faster and more responsive than 2.4, but there are
still some areas that need polishing, like some interactivity problems
with apps like XMMS and cpu-bound processes.

I hope the polishing gets done soon. It will be great to see the kernel in action. regardles of it's unpolished edges.

I hope the compilation works for this round. I'm about ready to try to compile it again. Eventually, it might work for me.


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