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Re: 2.6 Kernel and IDE dierect for burners

J Sloan wrote:
Audioslave - 7M3 - Live wrote:

As a general user. I hope to catch onto the makings for getting a successful 2.5 kernel onboard my system. Thanks for the information. Now to get a working kernel! still searching for the modutils for 2.5.

I think what you're missing at this point is the
"module-init tools" which can be gotten from


(hmm, they're at 0.9.11 now - I need to upgrade)

You have to install those, and be sure to generate
a "modprobe.conf" file since the new tools don't
use modules.conf -

I've found the 2.5 kernel to have a really nice
smooth feel on the desktop, and stays smooth
under conditions that bring 2.4 to its knees...

It will be interesting to hear your thoughts on
2.5 once you get it going.

Best Regards,

Thanks for the link, I was there and didn't know about the module-init-tools. With the extreme aid of mc, I downloaded and extracted the zipped file, ran ./configure, then make, followed by make install. Then I checked for the presense of modprobe.conf. It was found at this location.

1]# locate modprobe.conf

I'll try to compile it now. I hope this does the trick.


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