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Re: Red Hat kernel and XFree86 roadmap

On Saturday 29 March 2003 11:09, Mike A. Harris wrote:
> On Fri, 28 Mar 2003, Joshua Andrews wrote:
> >Is Red Hat planning on merging "GATOS" into it's xfree86 for
> >those of us with ATI video cards who have depended on ati.2?
> No.  I _personally_ have an interest in GATOS, but my interest is 
> more in "the functionality" that GATOS provides rather than the 
> exact source code of the GATOS project itself.


> >Is Red Hat counting on the large number of users with ATI multimedia 
> >video cards to push the development of third party, redhat9-specific 
> >ati.2 drivers?
> No.  When it comes to what Red Hat is doing with GATOS, I am the
> one who decides that.  Red Hat is not a video card vendor, and
> does not make money off of the sale of video cards.  Red Hat is
> also not a video driver house.  The video support present in Red
> Hat Linux is what is provided by XFree86.org, and is enhanced by
> patches that I've written and that others have written that fix
> bugs and some of which add features or support for new hardware.


> >Will I be able to run redhat9 with a 2.4.18xx kernel so that I
> >can enjoy the mutimedia functionality of my ATI video card?
> Not unless you download the GATOS drivers and add them to your 
> system yourself.


> While my response may be long winded, I hope it answers every 
> possible question that anyone might have about GATOS and it's 
> place in Red Hat Linux.  For those of you who prefer the Reader's 
> Digest condensed version:  "No, and it wont happen until GATOS is 
> included in XFree86 CVS".

Hi Mike,

Since you seem to in a very "verbose, post lots of messages" mode the
last few days I figured I'd take this opportunity to clarify this.  I
spent a long night getting AVview working on my Red Hat 8.0 system so
I could get watch tv while working on my PC with my ATI 8500 A-i-W
card. Actually, getting the alsa sound was the most hassle. Since then
I haven't followed it since I've been quite happy that it has worked

I'm trying to understand everything that you are saying above. Will it
be possible for me to follow the same procedures I did on Red Hat 8.0
to get it working on Red Hat 9 (no dot :-)?

I understand that the ati.2 drivers are XFree version specific and I
haven't seen an XFree 4.3 version on gatos.


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