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Re: 2.6 Kernel and IDE dierect for burners

On Sat, 2003-03-29 at 16:09, Audioslave - 7M3 - Live wrote:
> If I ever sucessfully get one of the 2.5 kernels compiled. I'll try it 
> out also. Other than the trouble with getting the modules to compile
> sucessfully. The kernel that I compiled doesn't successfully load.
> It would be great to have a system that had all the required libs and 
> mod-utilities to compile these kernels successfully. I hope that the 
> next beta cycle includes these capabilities.

Well, to compile a 2.5 kernel you only need gcc-2.9x or gcc-3.2.x, make,
Rusty's modutils and nothing else. It seems pretty easy :-)

> With these CDRs that you recorded. Did you try to use them in readers 
> that were sort of written off, in earlier discussions, on this list?

I haven't actually tested the burned CD's on any other thing that two or
three standard CD/DVD readers.

> I'd like to burn a CDR that plays well in about any audio player, works 
> great within foreign operating systems and is read without errors in the 
> written off readers.

Don't know why burning with a 2.5 kernel should make any difference
respect a 2.4 :-?

> Though i'm in favor of working within the latest kernel build 
> environment. I am getting that this 2.6 kernel can only be expedited 
> through a whole distribution that caters to using the latest in kernel 
> development, with the latest in the development of programs and GUI 
> managers.

Uh? GUI managers? Development tools? To compile 2.5? I'm lost...

> It sounds like a great time for a "Linux, on the edge" distribution. How 
> else can someone gauge the best directions to take Linux, into the future?

Well, I'm running 2.5.66-m1 on Phoebe3, so if I can, you could too. No
need for a "Linux on the edge" distribution: you can do it right now :-)

        Felipe Alfaro Solana
   Linux Registered User #287198

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