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Re: nano editor in Shrike?

On Sunday 30 March 2003 17:36, Michael Wardle uttered:
> A user on this list recently mentioned that he liked pico as a text
> editor, and was disappointed that pine had been removed from the Shrike
> distribution.
> I understand Red Hat's reasons for removing pine, however I am a little
> surprised to not see packages for the GNU pico clone "nano" in Phoebe 3,
> and suspect it is therefore not included in Shrike.  I find this odd,
> because I'm pretty sure it was included in previous releases, including
> Valhalla.
> A number of newbie users seem to prefer nano over vi or emacs, so I'd
> like Red Hat to consider once again including nano in its distribution
> package set, particularly now that pine and pico are gone.
> Thanks for your consideration

Um, I thought pine was depreciated, not fully removed yet.  Am I wrong?

Jesse Keating RHCE MCSE
Mondo DevTeam (www.mondorescue.org)

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