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Re: Correct me if I'm wrong

On Thu, 2003-03-27 at 11:33, Joseph Phillips wrote:
> Is this the lowest priced configuration?
> Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS, Basic Edition = $179.00
> Basic Service Entitlement = $60.00
> Total = $239.00
> So, I have to pay 239 dollars to get the Basic Edition of RHELWS with a
> 1 year Basic Service Entitlement?
> I hope it's not really this expensive?  Maybe Red Hat should lower the
> price a bit?  How about by at least including a free Basic Service
> Entitlement with the purchase of each RHELWS license?  That would at
> least knock $60 off the initial investment.  But all-in-all I think they
> need to come down from the $179.00 by at least 50 dollars.

No, RHEL comes with RHN service in the price.  You are paying for
support and RHN subscription (with errata) in the price.


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