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Re: RHL 9 - concerns

Denice wrote:
won't matter too much.  However, if they did the same for the high-risk
bugs, then I would be flabbergasted. It would be suicidal.  They will
have to provide the patches for the dangerous bugs ANYway for the
enterprise editions; how much larger an effort is it to provide patches
for the high risk bugs for the RHL releases of the last, say, two years?

Even if Red Hat doesn't issue those patches officialy, they will be there. Look at the stuff on freshrpms.net. I would be surprized if noone setup updates for psyche, using the SRPMS and either Red Hat's AS/ES/WS SRPMS for extra patches, or the patches from the main developers.

Hell, I've been doing similar for quiet some time. You should have seen my vahalla box before moved to psyche as a base. Even now, my psyche boxes are not even close to Red Hat supportable, with custom kernels, XF86-4.3, DRI snapshots, mozilla-1.3, and many non Red Hat packages.

Any resonably compitent sysadmin is going to test updates before a system wide roll out. The extra 10-30 minutes to create/build the update is negligable compared to the days of testing the update would require if if it was from Red Hat.


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