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Re: RHL 9 - concerns

Felipe Alfaro Solana said:
> On Wed, 2003-03-26 at 17:35, Brent Fox wrote:
>> Students can download unlimited ISOs of Red Hat Linux.  They get all
>> the source code.  They get 12 months of errata.  They get a Demo
>> account on RHN.  If they find bugs, they can file them in Bugzilla and
>> we'll try to fix them.  *All for free.*  This is our service to the
>> community.  If students can find a better deal than this, I recommend
>> that they take it.
> Well, I applied for a Student RHN account and when I try to access the
> ISO download section, I see an error message stating that only owners of
> paid RHN subscriptions are allowed to download ISOs.
> Lucky me I'm also a happy owner of a RHN paid subscription (can't wait
> til' 31th) :-)

The point is that you can still get the ISOs from the ftp server.  And
after April 7th you will be able to get Red Hat 9 from the ftp server. 
You can use the demo RHN account to keep the machine "up2date".

William Hooper

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