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Re: RHL 9 - concerns

On Tue, 2003-03-25 at 15:07, Andreas-Johann Ulvestad wrote:
> Point being, it's becoming too bloody americanized. 

I'm not sure what you mean here.

> People are starting to
> look for other alternatives... People are sick of the Microsoft-model with
> Advanced Server, Blabal Enterprise, etc etc etc etc. That was the beauty
> of everything - Red Hat Linux, end of story. 

We started the Enterprise line because many of our corporate customers
were asking for something that moves slower and is supported for a
longer period of time.  We are simply responding to customer demands. 
We aren't in the business of creating products that nobody wants.

We realize that businesses and consumers have different needs, so we
have created two product lines to address that.  It isn't like we're
discontinuing Red Hat Linux.

> But now we need to run RHAS
> 2.1 on some things (I think?), if you want to have you rdesktop updated,
> you need to purchase an enterprise edition or face an upgrade each n
> months, etc.

You can upgrade Red Hat Linux *for free* on an unlimited number of
computers.  Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.  I fail to see how Red
Hat is doing you wrong.  Nobody is stopping you from continuing to run
Red Hat Linux on your systems.

> A funny thing actually... a salesperson at CeBit told me that the advanced
> server (or was it enterprise? I couldn't care less) edition had a maximum
> of 2 CPUs... great, so we need to purchase another license for those old
> quad pentium 200's we've got running backup and filservers?
> This is getting too stupid and complicated.
> When you see students etc are switching over to everything else because
> they  think it's too stupid.. well, that's a clear sign. Students today,
> in 2 years they're sysadmins.

Students can download unlimited ISOs of Red Hat Linux.  They get all the
source code.  They get 12 months of errata.  They get a Demo account on
RHN.  If they find bugs, they can file them in Bugzilla and we'll try to
fix them.  *All for free.*  This is our service to the community.  If
students can find a better deal than this, I recommend that they take


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