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Re: Suse Model

David Krider said:
> I also like their distribution model. They allow you to download
> all their distro, so that you can install it over the network,
> but you can't download iso's [snip]

Makes it a real PITA if you don't have broadband, though.  At least with
RH you can have a friend with broadband download the ISOs for you.

> If RedHat would just reconsider their support timeframes, and
> extend them to 2 years for the consumer product. I wouldn't
> have any interest in trying out Suse, Mandrake, Gentoo, or Debian.
> Hint, hint,
> dk

Funny Mandrake has the same 12 month policy (18 months for what they
consider "base" packages, though), Gentoo has NO support (from what I can
see).  A number of commercial companies tried to base distros on Debian,
but not too many of them are still around...

William Hooper

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