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[Fwd: Red Hat Linux 9 and your certification]

I just got this about certifications.  It looks like RHC[ET] will be tied
to the releases of RHEL.


Yesterday, Red Hat announced the early availability of ISOs via RHN for
Red Hat Linux 9, the next release.  The official announcement of
Red Hat Linux 9 is forthcoming.  News travels quickly, however, and many
RHCEs and RHCTs have learned that the next version is 9, not 8.1.  A
number have expressed concerns about the effect this will have on
their certification.

Our policy has been that a certificate is considered current for two
major releases following the major release under which it was earned.
Consequently, certificate holders are concerned that the period for
which their certificates remain current has been shortened.

In order to accomodate the release of Red Hat Linux 9, the policy described
in the RHCE FAQ at


will be changed to the text below.

Regards and best wishes,
Red Hat Certification Central


While evidence suggests that RHCEs who stay professionally active can
evolve their skills in pace with new releases of Red Hat Linux OS
technology, it is important for Red Hat to maintain a policy for
determining whether an RHCE or RHCT certificate can be considered
current. Thus, verification services provided for all RHCEs at
Certification Central <https://www.redhat.com/training/certification/>
have always included which version a certificate was earned on, and
whether the certificate is considered current or no longer current.

The validity period for all RHCEs and RHCTs is now officially pegged to
the release of the Enterprise product commercially available at the time
certification was earned, and certification shall be current until after
one (1) major release of the Enterprise product. All RHCEs earned on Red
Hat Linux 7.3 or prior will be considered current until the release of
Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS/ES/WS 4. All RHCEs and RHCTs earned on Red
Hat Linux 8.0 or 9 will remain current until the release of Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 5. Validity and current status of an RHCE certificate
will continue to be verified at Certification Central.

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