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Re: RHL 9 - concerns

Andreas-Johann Ulvestad wrote:

Red Hat Linux .0-releases have always been.. well... LOUSY.

This is a bit of folk wisdom which may have
had some justification in the past - in any
event, we found that 8.0 has been rock
solid on our servers - once we replaced
the broken rpm and openssh packages.

Sorry guys,
you've done an excellent job all these years, but it's a _well known_ fact
that you never ever run .0-releases. Almost everyone I know (including all
the customers the company I'm working for is operating) will have a
..0-release running on a test system, but never ever run it on a
workstation or server. NEVER servers.

We're not bound by such rules - we evaluate
OS releases on their merits, and choose whether
or not to deploy them based on their worthiness,
not on the version number -

In any case it seems superstitious to have
a good opinion of a release that you thought
would be called 8.1, but to then turn against
it after finding that it will be called version 9.

And for workstation use.. sorry, but Phoebe is too way sluggish.. I mean,
10 seconds to launch a gnome terminal with just 3 mozillas and 4 terminals
running on a 1,6GHz machine? come on...

Sounds like configuration issues -

Phobe3 gnome desktop is quite snappy
here on a compaq presario (PII-500)


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