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Re: RHL 9 - concerns

> Ah ok, I understand. So my choice is RH8/9 60$ per year and be forced to
> upgraded on a yearly basis, total cost for 5 year $300 (no inflation),
> or pay minimum 349$ a year and have 5 years security, total cost $1745
> (no inflation).
> As someone who has managed to convince my bosses to run our whole
> business on linux based on the robostness of Open Source and and the
> cost effectiveness of Linux, am I losing one of my arguments?

Exactly - lots of fun, using 5 years convincing customers that it's more
cost effective to run Linux instead.. and now they say "but in windows, we
can get updates for free, we don't need to pay yearly licenses"..

Well, it's the way the world is going now.

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