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Re: linksys wpc11v3

I am on a local LUG for our city and someone had some trouble related to the
rotating keys. (3, I believe) not being easily configurable through
redhat-config-network. There is a file that thould be o your system that is
called /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts that might lead you into the correct direction
for supporting the three rotating keys that are used with WEP. The person that
has a website for problems relating to the lack of support for the
configuration recommended that you let RH know about the problem. I guess it is
known now. However, you might want to file a bugzilla report about the lacking
feature for the card and the WEP problem.


Justin Georgeson wrote:

> I'm running 8.0.94 (haven't seen a chaneel for any newer release on RHN)
> on a Dell C400 and have the Linksys WPC11 v3.0 802.11b card. The
> orinoco_cs driver seems to mostly work. If I use all default settings, I
> can associate with APs without WEP who broadcast their SSID. Even then,
> the wireless link seems to go down periodically (pinging the gateway/AP
> yield destination unreachable).
> I was using the RPMs from http://prism2.unixguru.raleigh.nc.us/rh80/
> with Psyche, but haven't been able to build them on Phoebe. I didn't
> have these problems with those RPMs.
> What are other people using to support this card in Phoebe (of any release)?
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