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Priorities for Desktop

Is there any way to set default nice values for apps. I want to run my
media player (Net-Rhythmbox) at greater than default priority every time
I start it without having to do it manually.

Are there any security risks involved in doing so though. Not that I
will heed them though.

I also want to know how to increase priority for focused windows though.
Although I hear the new kernel (2.6) will be able to do that. I hate the
desktop being unresponsive, despite me having 512MB of RAM on a 1.2GHz
processor. It certainly not about me being short on resources, as I
usually have at least 60% of the RAM unused, and have about 80% of my
processor cycles spare.

I do not know if this is feasible, but surely, it would be good to
allocate more resources to programs that are trying to start, by
starting them with a higher priority, and then decreasing it once they
are fully loaded.

These are a newbies thoughts though. Please do not take offense if it sounds silly.

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