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Re: Getting Red Hat 8.1 translated

On Tuesday 04 March 2003 12:36 am, Matt Wilson wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 03, 2003 at 10:49:43PM +0100, Tino Meinen wrote:
> > Could someone at redhat please be so kind as to sort things out for
> > these translators?
> I will do my best to work on the problem this week.
> Cheers,
> Matt
> msw@redhat.com
> --
> Matt Wilson
> Manager, Base Operating Systems
> Red Hat, Inc.

Thanks Matt and Tino
Really this is becoming annoying.
We want to help, but I don't feel any movement from redhat developers to help 
in i18n.
I waited more than 2 months to get my account approved, then found that I 
can't resent my password or replace my ssh key ( things was too old to 
remember, not ??)
Please, anyone do anything, we heard alot of words here.

Mohamed Eldesoky

Person who say it cannot be done should not interrupt person doing it.  
--Chinese Proverb 

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