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Re: CDR problems continued.... [was Sendmail update]

Jef Spaleta wrote:

> On Fri, 2003-03-07 at 20:36, Audioslave - 7M3 - Live wrote:
> > I believe that the prompt for the beta release should prompt one to
> > also join the beta list for the release. The CDR problem wouldn't have
> > gotten so far with more user input.
> Speaking of that cdr problem...i have tested both my beta boxen...i can
> burn cdrw iso's just fine on both boxen. Still need to test audio cds on
> one box. I'm getting some desktop unresponsiveness during fixating but
> im not really getting any data corruption or timeouts as far as i can
> tell.  I'll keep at it though  Do you have any idea if this is a problem
> with the version of cdrecord or with the kernel? If rh7.3 works for
> you...does an appropriately recompiled version of cdrecord that comes
> with the beta work on rh7.3, or does it make rh7,3 break as well. I'm
> just not sure if this is a kernel problem or a cdrecord problem...cuz i
> cant think of anything else that would be getting in the middle of this
> process for you. So far it works for me...
> -jef"burn baby burn...disco inferno"spaleta

Since mixing ximian broke RH 7.3 also, I will try to upgrade to later
cdrecord packages fist. Meet and note the required programs for upgrading
cdrecord, if any. Then worry about upgrading the GUI portion.

When I burned the CD with cdrecord on phoebe3 with phoebe3 up2date programs.
The CDRs fixated burned without errors. Both cdrecord outputs looked similar.
However,  when I tried to read the phoebe3 discs on my laptop. They hunted
and never initialized correctly.

When I burned a disk on 7.3, it passed the media check alright. It however
did not bring up the X server.
With disc burned on RH8.0, they booted alright, failed the media check. They
also outputted errors to screen 4 during the error, busy, resetting, illegal
boundaries messages that were presented on the screen. The RH7.3 disc did not
do this.


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