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Re: [PHOEBE] Re: redhat-config-packages (il)logic?

Charles Griffin <cng3@yahoo.com> writes:

> I vote for the latter.  I would really like to see the gui package
> installer have the ability to show *all* installed rpms and the
> ability to uninstall *any* installed rpm (ok, except for maybe base
> rpms).
> Sort of like good ol' gnomerpm or kpackage...

I agree.  I searched for a tool like a few months ago that but came up
empty, other than the two you mentioned.  (Do they not work?  I know I
didn't end up using them.)  It would be very handy to have a tool that
lists all installed RPMs, showing their version and perhaps the
summary.  It'd also be very useful to have a way to see the changelog
and other detailed information.  I've always thought such a capability
should be integrated with up2date so you could compare what's
installed with what's new, as well.


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