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Re: Sendmail update

On Wed, 2003-03-05 at 11:09, Chris Chabot wrote:

> And hey, if in the remote chance you have a valid reason for putting a 
> beta os online, why don't you just download the rh8 sendmail updates and 
> install those? (rpm -Uvh --oldpackage sendmail-*.i386.rpm). If thats 
> beyond the capacity of the sysadmin, the box shouldnt be online in the 
> first place ;-)

Don't you mean download the src.rpms and do a diff against the beta
src.rpms, patch and rebuild? And even once you did that...could you
claim to be a beta tester any more?

-jef"everyone should strive for consistancy when being clever is just
too difficult"spaleta

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