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Re: Sendmail update

Hi Mike:

I'm going to play devil's advocate here.

How can you get a good beta test unless people use the packages included in 
the beta?  If, for instance, I don't put the beta on line to see how Sendmail 
works in the product (and I haven't though I would like to) then you have 
essentially not had a beta test.  If I put it on line and Sendmail has a huge 
vulnerability as was discovered this week then I am liable for the 
consequences.  RedHat has an OBLIGATION to provide such security updates to 
beta products if you want beta testers to test betas.  Otherwise RH could be 
as guilty as MS of providing fodder to bring the inet to its knees.

Opinions expressed are those of a small businessman.

Chuck Davis

On Wednesday 05 March 2003 03:20 am, Mike A. Harris wrote:
> Beta releases are indeed not 'supported', at least not in the
> context of us providing bug fixes and/or security updates in any
> timeframe or at all until the final release.  They are only beta

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