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Re: is there a way to flash a BIOS without using Windows?

Jef Spaleta wrote:
On Tue, 2003-02-25 at 14:27, Elton Woo wrote:

Understood. Anyhow, I *briefly* installed Windows98 and flashed my
BIOSes: CDRW, and DVD drive. ... just long enough to have
Windows lockup on me several times and REMIND me why I HATE
Windows and *destest* the company that made it.

You really want to be crazy....


I WOULD STRONGLY NOT RECOMMEND THIS....but its fun nonetheless

-jef"i'd tell you I got it to work...once...but that might be considered
as encouraging to play with it, which would be very bad of me..so i
won't tell you i got it to work"spaleta

Thanks for the link. I am having some trouble with some boards that were flashed with the incorrect version of BIOS (Award) and it won't take the correct version through the flash program for DOS. I doubt that I'd use it to correct the problem. I'll send them back to the manufacturer instead. It is tempting though.

Is there any versions of BIOS, that are specific to better Linux operation? I have an old laptop - Toshiba 490CDT that is a wreck with the latest version, that corrected a display problem for win2k. It has problems shutting down from X.


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